Was the Book Just a Passing Fad?

David Weinberger seems to think that books may turn out to have been just an accident of paper.

It’s easy to lament the demise of used bookstores, the downfall of public libraries, and the rise of the dastardly Kindle, but think, for a moment, of the number of friends and acquaintances you may have, educated, decent people, respected in their communities even, whose homes harbor nary a book. Frightening, eh? And that goes double in Mexico, where reading books is simply  not an act performed in public. At least among decent folk.

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3 comments on “Was the Book Just a Passing Fad?

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    I have several attorney friends who read nothing other than their professional material. Nothing. When I ask why, the answer is always that they despise reading. A world I cannot fathom.


  2. I read books in public all the time. In fact, I am known for it. And I want a Kindle too! Dastardly indeed!


  3. billiem says:

    Reading on the monitor is like soundbites…well actually facebook and twitter are soundbites. It is almost impossible for me to read complex material and absorb it unless I’m holding it in my hand. (I know that tells my age doesn’t it)I haven’t tried a kindle yet but it might work for me. I understand that you can add bookmarks and remarks. That is the way I like to read…making highlights and comments.
    It would be very sad if books disappeared. There is the issue of archival properties of digital materials. In order to keep digital information someone has to be responsible to transfer the data to the newer technology every 7 to 10 years or it will disappear. Books printed on good paper will be around for a long time.


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