Chicken Little and Swine Flu

  • Most of the Mexicans who thought they had swine flu didn’t.
  • Outside of Mexico, no one’s died from the swine flu.
  • There were more confirmed reports of malaria in New York City during 2007 than confirmed cases of swine flu in all of Mexico City.

Considering the vast distance between the number of people traveling and those who’ve actually come down with the diseases (remember, there are only a very small number of confirmed cases), it’s actually more likely that a traveler would return home with a social disease than swine flu.

So why does all of America have its knickers in a twist? Correct me if I’m wrong, but did Mexico issue a travel advisory warning its citizens about the dangers lurking in the E.U.A.?


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2 comments on “Chicken Little and Swine Flu

  1. My spirits were raised yesterday when I read the big swine flu outbreak of 1968 killed a million people worldwide. I don´t even remember a big swine flu outbreak in 1968. I was even more happy when I read the monster flu pandemic of 1917-18 killed only about 7 percent of the folks who caught it.
    I´m beginning to think I will survive this. And you will too.


  2. Tony Anaya says:

    LOL! Word!


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