One comment on “Same Swine, New Battles

  1. Steve Immel says:

    It’s really difficult not to be cynical about anything brought forth on the world stage via any form of media. We’ve been mind phcked so many times it’s like the straw and the camel or the boy who cried wolf or deja vu Y2K or make your penis longer with these little pills. Truth in advertising and investigative reporting we know all too well as oxymorons. The whole Swine Flu does remind us to wash our hands after we wipe. I guess that’s a good thing. Well, I’m off to buy some painters masks and latex gloves before they run out. Humor will probably save more lives as long as you stay away from driving and laughing uncontrollably as you cruise 80 mph down the interstate whilst texting on your cell and steering with your knees.


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