Up Your Nose



Are you already sick and tired of the blue or white standard-issue mask? Does the mask, coupled with a Bluetooth earbud, make you look more unattractive than you already are? Maybe it’s time for you to try the nose mask on for size.


Instruction for usage

  • Gentry insert it into the nose to cover the entrance of the nasal passages. (Do not to insert them too deep.)
  • Not recommended for reuse.
  • Keep reach out of children. This product is not intended for child use.
  • Stop using it when you notice unusual reactions and consult to physician.
  • Do not use if you have sensitive nasal conditions.

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One comment on “Up Your Nose

  1. Staring at Strangers. Always handy. Well, almost always. And somehow, before getting down to the bottom, I just knew who had come up with this one. It had that kinky feel to it all along.


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