Mis Jitomates

jitomates Look what this morning’s harvest yielded! In Mexico, getting seeds is not simply a matter of going to the local garden store. Last year I wanted some exotic tomatoes, but I just wasn’t willing to pay the $8.99 or so per packet of 15 seeds that Johnny’s Selected Seeds or Pinetree Garden Seeds would charge. Or to risk smuggling the seeds into the country. So I did the next-best thing and trotted down to Superama, bought a flat of unnamed gourmet tomatoes, deseeded them, fermented and dried the seeds for planting. And it worked. Moreover, my investment came to less than $5 USD.


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2 comments on “Mis Jitomates

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    A far more fruitful yield than my 401K.


  2. Joanna says:

    They’re beautiful too.


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