Snorting Jell-O

Popcorn lung is the new black lung. The next time you pop open a bag of butter-flavored Orville Redenbacher, you might consider the plight of the poor factory worker who’s now hacking away with half a lung just so that you’d have something to munch during the HBO special. Popcorn lung is insidious enough to attack ardent popcorn consumers as well. Oh, so they’ve gone and reformulated microwave popcorn while I was away? Well, that shouldn’t stop you from feeling guilty and scared, just the same.

Just around the corner lurks another danger. You’d think Jell-O, the state dessert of Utah and the entire Mexican Republic, wouldn’t hurt a soul. Think again. Snorting Jell-O could be dangerous to your health. Or not.

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2 comments on “Snorting Jell-O

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    Well, just great! Two more targets for the nanny state to make us all feel less like adults. I will relinquish jello — though I am not certain who these snorters are. But popcorn? Something about prying my cold fingers loose, methinks.


  2. Babs says:

    Good grief…… if we don’t have enough to worry about… it will be water, oops, it already is….a worry!


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