I Hope You’re Happy Now


IncaKolaNews (IKN) loves charts, bar graphs and maps, and so do we, which is why we faithfully and without fail read this blog every single day. IKN turned us on to this index, which ranks Mexico at No. 23 in the happiness scale, with Sri Lanka and Pakistan on either side of the Happy Scale.

Poor Los Estados Unidos, so far from God and so close to Mexico, comes in at 114th place out of 143, is sandwiched in between Madagascar and Nigeria.

2 comments on “I Hope You’re Happy Now

  1. otto says:

    You nice person


  2. John Calypso says:

    Of course in summary placing the U.S. far behind should include that life expectancy and happiness index are both higher than Mexico (not by much, but higher) – it is the energy consumption that buries the U.S. – otherwise it might be in the top ten.
    We live in Mexico and are VERY happy about that ;-)


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