Who Wants to be a Mexican?

Foreigners seeking naturalization as a Mexican citizen, except for those who were born here, adopted by Mexicans or have a certain degree of Mexican blood coursing through their veins. must prove that they know something about Mexican history and culture. Take a look at the study guide, which is updated twice a year.

7 comments on “Who Wants to be a Mexican?

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    I always do well on the gods and history, but crash on the other cultural issues. I wonder if some politician would be willing to adopt me? I am House-broken.


  2. Jo says:

    Is there an answer key available somewhere?


  3. Yes, the answers to the multiple choice exam are contained right within the exam itself. Of course, you would have to select which of the four choices is the correct answer, but a little research and effort is required. Anyone who is unwilling to make that effort really has no business becoming a Mexican.


  4. Tim Titolo says:

    I linked to you through Kevin O’Keefe from Lexblog. And the fact that you have common interests of escaping and moving to Mexico. Have you done it. Any advise? (that is a loaded question I am sure.) I checked out a friends condo complex in Mazatlan – Right of the ocean for $800,000.
    Still not convinced I could make it work – have 3 school aged duaghters and need prescriptions.
    Nice to meet you.
    Tim Titolo


  5. jjrose says:

    Tim, I’ve been living in Mexico so long that I have the right to vote – and some of those other rights which Mexico extends only to its citizens.
    You’ll find beachfront real estate among the most expensive – and life in Mazatlan isn’t a day at the beach every day of the year. Consider inland venues instead. If you can find work, which is a hurdle for an American lawyer (but you’re young and adaptable), Mexico is a great place to raise children. And your family’s medical care could easily be paid out of pocket for far less than you’re paying each year for U.S. health insurance.
    One good resource you should consider are the fora at http://www.mexconnect.com


  6. ... says:

    They ask the color of guanabanas? XD
    I know all the answers but I’m a native. Do I get a prize?


  7. Steven Roll says:

    So is this an “open-book” exam? I don’t have any plans to switch citizenship, but some of those questions seem pretty tough.


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