Will the Mexican Government Make Starbucks’ Mugs Collectors’ Items?

Let’s hope so. It seems that Starbucks appropriated some pre-Hispanic images for its mugs, and Mexico wants Starbucks to cough up some bucks.

Muchas garcias to J.S. Tyre, a.k.a. Tyre-wan-kenobi, for the link.


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5 comments on “Will the Mexican Government Make Starbucks’ Mugs Collectors’ Items?

  1. This is such a moronic move on the part of the Mexican government that it defies belief.


  2. John Calypso says:

    Rather comical when you think about the fact that Mexico (its citizenry) infringes on more U.S. copyrights with its copied dvd’s films sold everywhere and the many designer label and fake Rolex watches that fill the mercados.
    Idea: the film industry should back-up Starbucks and pay the infringement request and then go after Mexico for their lack of enforcement of U.S. copyrights of ALL kinds.


  3. Gary Denness says:

    They should be encouraging Starbucks to distribute the mugs across the US, with Visit Mexico slogans attached…


  4. ken K says:

    So do all the vendors that have Aztec calendars owe a royalty to the state? Or just gargantuan deep pocket corporations?


  5. Some ex-pat says:

    The Mexican government isn’t even composed of pre-hispanic people so they certainly don’t own the images. Maybe the Christians, Jews and Romans can charge people for using crosses.


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