Lawyers in Fantasy Land

Writing in the Los Angeles Times, lawyer Mark Greenbaum takes on the august American Bar Association over its rampant accreditation of law schools, creating an unprecedented glut of lawyers. New lawyers saddled with debt exceeding $100,000 USD are not unusual.

In a rush to shed it white shoe image, the ABA has shown about as much sense as sub-prime lenders and the U.S. government, leaving more than half of the practicing lawyers in the country out in the cold while it plies bringing the Rule of Law to developing countries off in Africa, encourages outsourcing legal work to India, never mind that there are ranks of hungry, competent lawyers in its own country, holds meetings in Disney World and the Virgin Islands, discounts its memberships to government and public sector lawyers, judges, and high-earning lawyers in large firms, and constantly pats itself on the back for public service initiatives.


One comment on “Lawyers in Fantasy Land

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    Jennifer — I admire your altruistic work for the ABA. I wrote off the organization in the 1980s when it decided it was a poltical, rather than a professional, group. And certainly not my politics. You are a veritable saint to hang in there — telling the truth.


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