A Place for Men who Knit

When God’s not busy hating Africa, he hates girly men. There was time that we were so concerned about keeping the New World’s men from fates like that that we laid the groundwork for Miss Suzy’s RealMan™ Academy, place where parents with enough money could send their sons who showed signs of being too nice to old ladies and tendencies toward philately and numismatics for RealMan™ lessons in things like killing grizzly bears bare-handed and flossing their teeth with tumbleweeds. But we’ve been beaten to the punch, not only by The Dangerous Book for Boys but now by The Art of Manliness, which even lists 45 manly hobbies. Ham radios, ships in bottles, gardening, reading, and computer programming still live on! Any man who doesn’t profess an interest in at least one of these hobbies is hopeless. Personally, we always thought men who favored magic were the best.


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