The Hamptons of the Bajío

We escape Michoacán from time to time to see how the rest of the gringo world lives in San Miguel de Allende. We’ll stop in Starbucks more a few times, because it’s the one of the most well-decorated Starbucks around. And then we’ll head over to:

  • Oliver’s Burger House
  • Girasol to hear the clerk tell us what we’re looking for is due to arrive three days after our planned departure
  • Gawk at the artistes and former directors of the Santa Fe Art Museum sitting in and strolling about the jardin
  • Say hello to Marta at San Miguel Shoes
  • Consume vast quantities of giant slabs of meat at the Longhorn Smokehouse Bar & Grill
  • Catch upon the latest chisme about what new business is opening and what’s closing. And, of course, catch up on the kidnapping score.
  • Drive up to Dolores Hidalgo for pine nut ice cream
  • Check out the latest shipment at Liverpool and see what new stores have landed at Plaza La Luciernaga
  • Wonder if anyone remembered to buy bagels
  • Be on the watch for the Gangs of San Miguel
  • Have breakfast at Bove
  • Hope to find an antique Negro, whoops, I mean colored, doll at an estate sale
  • Stare at strangers

Iglesia1But when it’s time to really chill, we head over to ex-Hacienda La Petaca, north of town and halfway on the way to Dolores Hidalgo. The excitement there will amount to hearing distant drums from La Cuadrilla, watching packs of feral dogs roam, happening upon an occasional lost shoe, listening to the broccoli grow and gazing upon a newly-turned compost pile. And reading. If it’s chocolate on your pillow at night you crave, you’ll have to bring your own. This is a place to bask in peace and quiet, to ponder the stars out at night, to entertain yourself.

You can consult the guidebooks and those clever little pieces about 36 hours in San Miguel de Allende all you want, but none of them hold a candle to what attracts us when we venture 150 miles north of Morelia. And return home with a bag of freshly harvested jicama, straight from the fields of Celaya.


5 comments on “The Hamptons of the Bajío

  1. Good bagels are available in SMA? Where? I hear the SMA Gringos sniff at Plaza La Luciernaga. My lovely wife and I happened upon it by accident some months back. We like it. We like Starbucks too. One of the best Starbucks I´ve ever seen. According to the Bove website, it is not in SMA. It´s in Celaya. Those dolls are neither negro nor colored. They are African-American! Show a little class and breeding, woman.
    Now where are those good bagels? I want an Everything Bagel.


  2. Okay, on a closer look, I see Bové is indeed in SMA now, a new store.


  3. Those colored dolls came into this world long before the term “African-American.”


  4. Steve Cotton says:

    Hmmm. You are making me curiouser and curiouser — as Alice would say.


  5. Billie says:

    We just returned to SMA. Are you still here????


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