The Pope Made Me Do It

It’s no secret that the Catholic Church is responsible for pedophilia. But did you know that the  Church is also the reason why Mexicans are always late?

Writing in The Americano, Ricardo González explains why:

In traditional Catholic teaching in Latin America you do not go immediately from death to be with the Lord as taught in Protestant churches. There is a break in the timeline. There is actually kind of a “time-out” built into the Catholic religion between “life” and “death.” In religious vernacular it is called purgatory. Also, in real life in Latin America, the Catholic church is not typically an activity or project based institution as is the Protestant church here in the United States. It is not concerned with church growth. This does, in fact, affect our view of time. Priests are not charged with building large and dynamic ministries. They are charged with the oversight of the community in which they are placed. They are typically not evangelistic from an outreach standpoint. Pastors and missionaries, on the other hand, are very driven by the desire (need) to grow their ministries which naturally then puts them on a much more linear path. Frankly, if a missionary, for example, doesn’t product some results within whatever time period the supporting churches deem reasonable, he is probably going to be out of a job. The same is true with Pastors in the United States. If their churches don’t grow, they are in serious danger of losing their ministries. The need for growth within a certain period of time forces the churches to be very linear in the way they view and teach time management. This is not true in the Catholic church in Latin America and it is a real difference that impacts the cultures.

So, why is Jesus holding a shotgun?


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