If Mexico Treated Gringos Like the U.S.A. Treats Mexicans

So, if gringos had to pay an equivalent fee to reside in Mexico to what Mexicans pay in the United States, the schedule would look like this:

The fee for standing in line:                                $ 1,500 USD

Working residency permit:                                 $ 8,200 USD

Monthly income requirement for retirees:   $12,500 USD

Fees for normal residency card:                         $60,000 USD

Suggesting whiny gringos shut the fuck up:    PRICELESS!

Read on at The Mex Files.

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7 comments on “If Mexico Treated Gringos Like the U.S.A. Treats Mexicans

  1. The Mexfiles piece is baloney. The two situations are not comparable in the slightest.


  2. Julia Large says:

    Jenn, where is this coming from?? I worked for 6 weeks to earn enough to pay for my first FM-3. Over the course of 10 years, it cost over $19,000 pesos to have the “priveledge” to work, live and be married to a citizen! My husband became an American citizen for under $40. He was told exactly what he needed and when. Not even close to my experience–or that of my children.


  3. It is very ironic. The U.S.A.’s immigration process has become more expensive and more complex while Mexico’s has moved, albeit slowly, to the 21st Century. INM is much more transparent than it was a decade ago, even if the fees have increased each year. Today, your husband would face a lot more paperwork, hoops and fees to become a U.S. citizen than back then.
    On the other hand, the US doesn’t require that foreigners get permission from ICE to marry a US citizen, get divorced, or adopt, while foreigners in Mexico must ask INM for those permissions. The US doesn’t require that foreigners get permission to buy real estate; in Mexico, they’re required to pay for that permit from SRE.


  4. Emilio Zapata says:

    The obvious answer is for Mexicans not to go where they aren’t wanted.
    I’m sure that Mexico would be glad to get its 12 million unemployables back. There they can petition the Mexican government for the rights they have in the US. Once back in Mexico they will never even have to hear the english they refuse to learn and their gangs and narcotrafficantes can truly thrive.


  5. Billie says:

    Wherever this came from and whether it is true or not, the last line gave me a great laugh this morning. PRICELESS!


  6. Billie: the piece in question came from the Mexfiles, a far-left blog that, in addition to writing this sort of errant nonsense, supported the constitution-undermining President of Honduras, who was legally booted out of office for his self-serving activities. That would be Mel Zelaya. One likely could safely assume the blog in question is also a fan of Venezuela´s Hugo Chavez, a big pal of Mel´s. That´s the Mexfiles for you.
    Why in the world it was quoted on the normally clear-thinking and conservative-leaning Staring at Strangers baffles little ole me.
    But, like you, I also wish whiny Gringos would shut up in all contexts. Without the expletive, of course, because I believe expletives, written or spoken, usually bring any reasonable exchange of ideas to a sudden halt.
    And take care not to confuse the Mexfiles blog with the Mexile blog, very different beasts.


  7. nmwander says:

    Thank you Zapata, for being a voice of moderation and reason in this thread.
    For a reality check, I suggest everyone scroll thru this thread to find Ms. Julia Large’s comments!
    Immigration is a problem. It can be solved. I believe the answer is NAFTA. USA needs to exercise patience AND resolve. EUM needs to exercise commitment to change and respect for law and order.
    I do not appreciate having Presidente Calderon come to my House and lecture me on my shortcomings WITHOUT he also pledging to solve MEXICO’s huge list of major problems.


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