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I’ve known Elio Martinez, a partner in the South Florida law firm Concepcion, Sexton & Martinez, for at least two decades through bar association activities. Beyond his life as a lawyer, I considered him one of the most reliable sources around when it came to books and restaurants – and particularly the latter. He bears responsibility for introducing me to my all-time favorites, Versailles on Calle Ocho in Miami and to El Palacio de la Papa Frita, serious-food restaurants where the tables are lined up with precision, the waitstaff stooped, elderly men who would’ve been old long before either of us were born, and the air filled with political intrigue over at the corner tables.

Not until he unveiled his new blog, Books, Sports and Life, did I know about Elio’s past as a sports statistician and historian. It’s amazing what a blog can reveal.


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2 comments on “Books, Sports and Life – A Blog Worth Reading

  1. Seve Coton says:

    Versailles is almost a pilrimage site for me on my trips to Miami. One of the best places for Cuban food — anywhere.


  2. teresa freeburn says:

    most of my family lives in miami. versailles is definitely one of the best cuban restaurants there. yes,i’m cuban. my husband who is from the u.s. loves that place. never heard of the palace of fried potatoes. i’ll have to check it out on one of my trips south.
    teresa in lake stevens


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