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During the early twentieth century, the Chinese were one of the largest immigrant groups in Mexico, particularly in the North, where they had great success as merchants. Unfortunately, their accomplishment was followed by an anti-Chinese movement, which included racist legislation and even some incidents of riots, desecration of property, and jailing of Chinese for no reason. This monolithic timepiece, on Calle Bucareli in the Colonia Juarez in Mexico City, is known as “the Chinese clock.” It is a replica of one that was given as a gift to the Mexican people by the Emperor of China in 1910, to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.  Anti-Chinese hooligans destroyed it in 1913. The replacement was set in its place in 1921.

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2 comments on “David Lida » Blog Archive » The Chinese are coming

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    There are three doctors in Melaque with the last name Woo. I know one of them, but I have never asked if there is a Chinese connection. I need to do that when I return south.


  2. Mikeb8y says:

    There is a village named China in the state of Campeche located between Campeche City and the Maya Pyramid Edzna. I have passed through many times and did not notice residents who appeared to be Chinese. Next time I will stop and inquire.


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