2 comments on “KNIFE TRICKS: I Am Detained By The Feds For Not Answering Questions

  1. Ignacio Pinto León says:

    It’s the same issue with law enforcement officers in many countries: they seem puzzled when a citizen dares to exercise their constitutional rights. I was told once in my home country by a policeman that I lacked “any sense of prudence” -“falta de criterio” by deciding not to answer his questions (and he was a nice guy, by the way).
    OTOH, I imagine it could be frustrating for the gov’t officer on the other side of the line. And if the “bad example” (people standing for their rights) catches up with the general public, it can really mess up the system (and oblige the gov’t to re-think their job in a way that it conforms with constitutional rights.


  2. Steve Cotton says:

    I may do a post on this, as well. Interesting stuff.


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