What Color is Your Underwear?

Red Shoes are Better than Bacon

During Christmas week the lingerie store windows all over Buenos Aires were decked out in pink underwear. Pink underwear bodes good luck in the coming year in this part of the world.

In Mexico, we wait until New Year’s to change our Fruit of the Loom, and then we have to go through that ordeal of making decisions. Red for passion, yellow for money, or white for health. And then you’re supposed to wear it inside out or keep it on for 24 hours, or something like that.

But then you could always wash the red with the white, which eventually always seems to happen even to the most fastidious laundry-sorters, giving yourself a head start on next Christmas.

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7 comments on “What Color is Your Underwear?

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    This topic always seem to be far more oriented to the feminine race. But, because I cannot withhold my hand from reaching across the gender underwear gap, I will play the game.

    I just checked. Mine are navy blue boxers. I have no idea what that means other than I am a aging, straight, white, American male who replaces his underwear only when he gets to London.


  2. sparks says:

    My Fruit of the Loom’s are plaid from a variety 3 pack. More important is switching to boxers from jockey style a few years ago …. because they are cooler on the coast ;)


  3. Tancho says:

    Underware? Who wears underware…..


  4. OK, now we know who goes commando and who doesn’t!


  5. Kim G says:

    Amongst my friends in DF, you give the gift of underwear to your friends and/or significant other on New Year’s Eve. According to some notes I took, this is what the colors mean you are wishing upon your recipient:

    Yellow – money (as you noted)
    Red – Happiness (though I like the passion idea better)
    Green – prosperity (not sure how this differs from money, but this is what I’m told)
    Blue – peace
    Orange – intelligence (I’m not sure how the recipients of orange underwear feel about this, but let’s hope they take it the right way.)


    Kim G
    San Francisco, CA
    Where we think plaid could well be the gift of confusion.


  6. I smell a marketing effort by underwear merchants.


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