16 comments on “Ballet Days, 1956

  1. Don Cuevas says:

    Wow. Another side of Red Shoes revealed. I can hardly wait until the next revelation.

    Don Cuevas


  2. John Calypso says:

    So lovely on both ends of the scale ;-)


  3. The attitude has not changed a lick.


  4. sparks says:

    Have the same foto of my sister with blonde hair and huge glasses. Dress was pink and think my mom made it


  5. Tancho says:

    A photo waiting for a caption, too!

    You do know that , the antique hand painted Chinese Shoji screen is worth thousands of dollars now?


  6. john v. wylie says:

    Looks like good memories. I can remember, also, way back when my body
    would do what I asked it to, and I did not trip and fall walking down the sidewalk!


  7. Steve Cotton says:

    I see someone has been fracking the family photo album.


  8. Suzan Apaydin says:

    You are 5 years old in that photo.

    Suzan Apaydin

    Sent from my iPad



  9. babsofsanmiguel says:

    Cute to look back and remember things that were important to us at the time! Thanks for sharing.


  10. wkaliher says:

    for some reason the wrong blogs are popping up but i enjoyed reading the history in the dragon blob bill


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