Name That Green

We had never heard of this plant when we bought the seeds at a local store. But at $15 MXN a packet, we could easily take some risks. That’s what gardening is about, isn’t it?

Trying not to reveal our ignorance, we casually mentioned its name around those we thought might be more clued in. They weren’t. Of course, that left us smug, a feeling we love to embrace. After all, we were the first of our kind around these parts to grow kale, which is so last year.




Are you au courant enough to recognize what this is?



13 comments on “Name That Green

  1. I have no clue, and I’ll never be au courant.


  2. Tancho says:

    Kinda looks like spinach, but the leaf stalks are not the same. Taste it and see if you are still breathing in about 30 minutes


  3. Peter says:



  4. Norma says:

    Mache also known as Corn Salad, 2nd guess Tatosi. Mache appears to be a more delicate Argula which is so five years ago that I am just now using it. All of those years pulling Argula out of flower beds.


  5. Don Cuevas says:

    I know! I know! I know! (Because Red Shoes emailed me about it.)
    It’s pápalo,

    Among other uses, it’s used in Cemitas Poblanas, a sort of extra heavy duty torta made on a chewy sesame topped “hard roll”.

    The pápalo helps relieve the possible indigestion from attempting to eat a gut buster cemita.

    (I do beg to differ with Wikipedia; the cemita roll is not usually made with egg.)

    Don Cuevas


  6. Peter says:

    I’m with señor Felipe!


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