Giving Gracias

Red Shoes are Better than Bacon

For my Estadounidense friends who’re kindly sending their Thanksgiving wishes, asking how we celebrate the holiday in Mexico, let me fill you in. We don’t. I’ll do the same thing on this Thanksgiving Day that I did the day before, and the year before that: nothing remarkable.

It’s just another Thursday in late November around these parts, the midpoint between Dia de la Revolucion on November 20 and Dia de  Guadalupe on December 12. The newer an expat’s residency in this country, the more likely he or she is to celebrate. Gain distance from the Old Country and some tenure here, and it’s not a big deal. Sure, off in expat havens like Lake Chapala and San Miguel de Allende, the restaurants get into a large Thanksgiving Day dinner scene, but not where I live.

I didn’t come from a background of Thanksgiving tradition. My mother refused to do anything…

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7 comments on “Giving Gracias

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    We will celebrate Thanksgiving — but not on Thursday. We never do. I like everything about the hoilday, but it does not translate very well to Mexico.


  2. tancho says:

    Yep, Yep, just another day to enjoy life, I am surprised that it is politically correct to even have Thanksgiving NOB. Since the children can’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school, I’ll bet you they have curtailed making paper turkeys, and pilgrim stuff in the schools….
    I did notice that Costco had a whole bunch of smoked turkeys for sale last week, I considered buying one for about 15 seconds.


  3. John Calypso says:

    In our parts of Mexico we see offerings for gringo gatherings on TG – but we have never attended. Giving thanks every day we are above ground here. Celebrate life!


  4. Back before I was a refugee below the Rio Bravo, Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday because there was a good meal, and nothing much was expected of you. What could be better than that?


  5. As a Mexican expat in the US, Thanksgiving (Día de Acción de Gracias) with my wife’s relatives has always a Mexican flavor. Tamales and loud conversations are a must. Traditional Thanksgiving food is also present, but more as a requirement than as the star of the show.

    I still can’t grasp the depth of the holiday, but my 7 y/o son, El Iñaki, is teaching me.


  6. Alex says:

    There is a very conspicuous absence in the list of Mexico food bloggers. LOL!!


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