San Miguel de Allende v. Patzcuaro

Red Shoes are Better than Bacon

Chiles en nogada and tacos, that’s the difference between San Miguel de Allende and Patzcuaro as expat venues. Both have their strong points, and both have their shortcomings. Neither is Nirvana, although those who live there might claim otherwise.

San Miguel de Allende offers up more expat amenities like mail forwarding services, English-speaking Mexicans, gourmet stores with everything from Hamburger Helper to white balsamic vinegar on the shelves, AA in more flavors that you could ever begin to count, classes and support groups, charities and opportunities to perform good deeds, an Anglican church, Kabbalah study groups, rival animal rescue efforts, art walks, opportunities for the fey and chichi, a zillion good restaurants and a few bad ones, serious crime and scandal among the expats, the American consular agency, English-language libraries and bookstores, the Rosewood, Café Rama, the Longhorn Smokehouse, Via Organica, poseurs and pukka, organized tours and events, Zimbabwean drum…

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2 comments on “San Miguel de Allende v. Patzcuaro

  1. tancho says:

    Simply because or probably because some people read your previous post of the comparison, and found attraction to the cold elevated mountain tops of the back country enticing, a few more Gringos have sadly moved into the environs.

    You can take some of the credit for shattering the idealistic peaceful tranquil little village into a virtual tourist Gringo hellhole.

    I speak from experience because just last night we wanted to visit one of very few, quaint restaurants and were turned away because of Gringos that have recently populated the town and were overtaking what was once a reserved little hideaway town.

    As we tried to find a table we maneuvered between several tables occupied by 6 and 8 expats, all with their Tilly hats and LL Bean safari vests and very few with locally produced outerwear, It appeared to me that these immigrants, half of which I did not recognize where bringing their progressive political mores to discuss over adult beverages. Their discussions were quite animated not at all like the decorum SMA residence seem to posses.

    I also noticed that none of them were enjoying any local organically produced liquids from Jalisco, sadly. (So much for support of national products.) I suppose wine is more of a social statement for them, and at least they were not drinking beer.

    They were all drinking fancy imported wine to enjoy with their pizzas and salads.

    Somehow they have landed in the high country, perhaps not being able to afford the outrageous membership fees associated with SMA lifestyles is perhaps the reason in my estimation. Or they don’t play golf or appreciate chamber music 24 hours a day.

    As our local chamber of commerce representative has broadcast before, Patzcuaro is not for the faint of heart, one must be of sturdier stuff to live here, through the climate and lack of social accoutrements to be able to fit into the A, B or C list.

    We are proud to have the Z list here and hopefully can keep the list down to the minimum. We just have to stop telling people about it, or donate some funds to the SMA tourist board.

    What are support groups? Is that anything like Kumbaya sessions?

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  2. says:

    Good piece………..Did I miss the section comparing the cost of living? john.


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