All I Want is My Plastic Jesus

There’s still nothing quite like AutoZone, unless, of course, it’s Galerias el Triunfo to get in touch with your inner redneck. Red Shoes just loves it when urbane and sophisticated kinds get their redneck on at AutoZone, just like Don Cuevas at My Mexican Kitchen did.

Red Shoes are Better than Bacon

So, I’m at AutoZone the other day, one of Morelia’s three branches, an entirely new experience for me, and I’m enthralled by the choices: strobe and neon lights for under the dash and around the license plates, sparkling lights for the hubcaps, vinyl flames, and a vast array of amazing decals. But it was just too difficult choosing between the weeping Jesus and the Virgen de Guadalupe. And, since they were plumb out of locking gas caps, I left empty-handed. But when the new car smell fades, I may be back there in search of a Virgen of Guadalupe rose-scented air freshener to hang from the rear-view mirror. Sure, it’s naco, but those things are just hard to resist.

Oh, sure, we can dress ourselves up like we’re straight out of Las Niñas Bien orCompro, Luego Existo and make ourselves appear as if we stepped straight from Guadalupe…

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4 comments on “All I Want is My Plastic Jesus

  1. Patricia Joyce says:

    I have to find the Youtube link – There’s an interesting song that’s called The Chocolate Jesus.

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  2. dondayinsma says:

    Hard to read without singing the song. The Billy Idol version being my favorite. OMG, I just started singing the song.

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  3. tancho says:

    I think your car plate would look grand with green LED lights dancing around, the green would bring a little class without being too ostentatious.


  4. Carole Kocian says:

    Neon lights around and on the undercarriage are especially attractive.


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