The Once and Always King


I loved the guy. And so did all of America, until something went terribly wrong with that country, leaving only the French to adore him. I still worship the fellow.

For a decade or so, I’d stay up through the night and through the morning, the television tuned on to the Labor Day weekend telethon, not because I particularly cared about muscular dystrophy, but because I found Jerry Lewis so enthralling.

More than just the most creative comedian of his times, redefining funny, Lewis was a mensch. A stand-up man. A class act. And even though his political beliefs matched mine, he never, ever, let politics get in the way of culture. The world has lost a hero.

Rest well, Jerry Lewis. If there is a heaven, it will be filled with laughter.

3 comments on “The Once and Always King

  1. I’ll be darned. This is the first I’ve heard of this. I never was much of a fan, but he was one of a kind. Sure lived a long, long time. Thanks for the news.


  2. Steve Cotton says:

    I was a fan. In the 1990s, I stumbled onto some tickets to Damn Yankees in London. He was the perfect Satan — and stole the show. I will probably remember him forever just like that — ad libbing his way through life.


  3. Don Cuevas says:

    His comedy style made me crazy. I remember “Scared Stiff”, with Dean Martin, and the over-the-top “The Bellboy” The latter, truly a nutter.

    Don Cuevas


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