When Tyrone Power Played Pedro de Vargas in Morelia

Sixty years ago American idol Tyrone Power came to Morelia to film the parts of “Captain from Castile” which were set in Spain of 1518. The film crew went on to Uruapan to shoot the backdrop of Mexico in those days of the Conquest, then to the smoldering Parícutin, which had erupted only four years before, which stood in for Popocatépetl, and finally to Acapulco to shoot Cortez’ landing. 

Spending a month in Morelia, which numbered less than 100,000 souls at the time, he took time out to see the city, went to a Lion’s Club luncheon, and even organized a baseball game with the gringos playing against a Mexican team. He would go on to invest in a small property on the south side of town, which later became known as the Hotel Villa Montaña, returning years later with Ava Gardener. But that’s a story for another day.

Let’s watch a scene from “Captain from Castille.”


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