You Know, Billy, We Blew It

Let us bend over and kiss our ass goodbye. 

Yesterday’s inaugural hoopla left me shaking my head. And even more so after hearing people whom I once respected talk about how they were weeping with joy, filled with excitement, and practically having orgasms over Obama. Enough already!

We blew it. P.J. O’Rourke said it better than I ever could.


7 comments on “You Know, Billy, We Blew It

  1. Well, O’Rourke got it right: Conservatives made a colossal mess of things. So what does that tell us?
    I like it that O’Rourke calls black folks black and not African-American. It takes cojones to do that these days.
    You know O’Rourke is a conservative because liberals would never say black. Liberals don´t have the necessary set of cojones.
    And, by the way, Obama is not black. He is a multiracial guy. He sits on the fence rail.
    I think I’m gonna start calling him white just to balance things out a bit. Please join me. Perhaps we can start something.


  2. Jim says:

    Yeah, two whole days of feeling good about whom we elected. That is a lot. Not to worry–reality will kick in and the new guy will screw up–at least in Rush’s and Fox’s opinion–and we will divide again and will all regret having elected him and feel bad about ourselves and our country once again and all will be right with the world.


  3. Calling a man “black” who describes himself as “African-American” — on the radio — is not “brave” or anything else. It’s ill-mannered. Certainly one has a constitutional right to boorishness, but to insist upon it smacks of desperation.


  4. John Calypso says:

    Being a libertarian leads me to agree a lot with O’Rourke – although I have never been enamored with his books.
    It really is a lot to think this man and his crew will resolve these messes – they will have to work themselves out I think.
    The pulling back of the people from buying or borrowing after seeing their 401K’s melt like a snowball in Hell and their blatant distrust of government, Wall Street and banks (FINALLY!) will turn the tide and setup new games – it is anybodies guess what they will be – but different for sure.
    What the U.S. doesn’t need is more government to resolve the problems that they stood by and watched go on with their blessings for so long.
    It certainly seems a lot safer watching all this from Mexico ;-)


  5. Steve Cotton says:

    Political labels are so much fun. Calypso and I both call ourselves libertarians. He is not “enamored with [PJ O’Rourke’s] books.” I think PJ’s books are some of the best political humor in the market.
    But we do agree that more government is not going to fix anything. I suspect that congress and the president could go on holiday for 5 years, and the market would right itself on its own. Instead, we will have lots of new government programs, all will be restored within 10 years, and the politicians will take credit.
    The only reason I care is that it will be my money being spent. Of course, it will be spent by one group or the other.


  6. Esteban says:

    The trickle down theory only works when the books are cooked and that’s what we have experienced with all the “creative” (criminal is a better word) instruments passed down since deregulation became the mantra of the right. You couple that with a president who couldn’t speak English and you wonder why we orgasm over intelligence, being articulate and energetic? Once again, I feel optimistic about the possibility of feeling pride as an American. Godspeed Obama, orgasms and the demise of our own Republican Taliban!


  7. Ray says:

    Did you see that nod Obama gave to Chief Justice Roberts after he screwed up, Jenn?
    The guy is sharp. Black, African-…
    You won’t meet a guy more conservative than me, but let’s give smart another chance. I’m almost excited.


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