Secret Lives under the Volcano

Many ask me what life is like in Mexico. We move in slow motion amid Technicolored landscapes wearing bright-colored clothing while symphonies supply the background noise. Nature’s bounty hold us in constant rapture. We are a passionate people, you see. The rest of the time we simply engage in our national pastime of smiling. That is, when we’re not breaking into dance at the drop of a hat.

And we do a sweeping curtsy before Jason Dormady’s Secret History: Reflections of Latin America for sharing the secret lives of Mexicans with the rest of the world.


5 comments on “Secret Lives under the Volcano

  1. With some effort and money, one can make anything look good. This is a good example. It´s pretty.


  2. Jason says:

    I am amazed at the level of singular fetishism with which U.S. Americans perceive Mexico as well as the astounding continuity. The same marketing pitch used in the USA to sell Mexico in the 1950s is the same today. Orlovsky writing about the Harlem Renaissance talked about this same trend with white U.S. Americans and African-Americans in the 1920s. By painting Blacks as “an expressive, singing race” living lives of “innate gaiety” they were more easily able to distance themselves from African Americans, making them objects and not people. This marketing seems to do the same thing for Mexico, and to have done so for 50 years. Some of the images are downright disturbing… like at 2:16 in the video.
    At any rate, I suppose I should respond to your nod to my site with a stiff bow to your curtsy before we burst forth in dance to the Jarabe Tapatio.


  3. Billie says:

    Where is this Mexico in the video? Maybe they need to do a little filming from Babs rooftop where they can see the woman carrying firewood down into the canyon. That is Mexico too.


  4. Alance says:

    Michoacán’s bounty of nature is overwhelming to the senses. Bright exotic colors with dozens of chilies, fruit and veggies at the market homegrown in nearby orchards and ranchos.
    The people are as colorful as their dwellings and their art and crafts and rich history. They celebrate their freedom everyday.
    Do you?


  5. And you forgot to mention that you spend a shit load of time in helicopters and that there is choral music wherever you go!


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