Everything Good is Bad for You

I deplore broccoli. The sight and smell of ham and eggs send me fleeing from the scene. If chocolate fell off the planet tomorrow, I’d shrug. But I could perform unspeakable acts of depravity for marzipan. And I’d sell my soul for ginger, Coca-Cola Light (a.k.a. Diet Coke in other parts of the world), garlic, and beef, although not necessarily in that order. 

I’m sick and tired of the politically correct gang placing the blame for the world’s woes on beef cattle, tobacco, caffeine, guns, and other fun and necessary drugs. These folks could use a few more doses of trans-fats to offset the wimp factor of their tofu and polyester. Did they ever consider that the preservatives in a single Hostess Twinkie also act to preserve and prolong the lives of the humans? Don’t get me started on the matter of “organic.” Garbage and dog feces are organic, too.

You’ll find out soon enough that we are right, and you are wrong.


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2 comments on “Everything Good is Bad for You

  1. Steve Immel says:

    As to organic foods, I don’t know of any significant trials that have proved non organic food to be better. In fact, the plant has to break down the organic stuff into non organic chemicals to feed itself. If pesticides are used, that’s a different story. However, the problem lies in the fact that using certain fertilizers sterilizes the soil making it impossible to grow further without the use of more market fertilizers. The soil becomes dependent like a junkie on smack. So, if you want to break the dependency, you go organic. In the long run, it’s less expensive for the small business farmer. But then again, it’s fertilized crops, from large agri-business that feed the world because of their
    increased harvest capabilities due to aggressive fertilization. Politically correct? Your best bet is to do some
    yoga, keep limber and go with the flow. Happiness trumps it all.


  2. Ray says:

    I did not hear you say that about chocolate.
    Organic? ..There are enough people worrying about that on behalf of the rest of us who aren’t.
    Marzipan? ..Vamanos al cielo!


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